I am a licensed architect based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. For more than twenty years in solo practice, I have designed custom buildings that are carefully adapted to their setting and personalized to suit the people who live there.

My practice mainly focuses on the design of private homes.  On occasion, however, I take on other projects if, like the houses, they allow me to work directly with the inhabitants and with the setting. For me, the immediacy of these projects is key since good architecture is achieved only when it is well adapted to the reality of local conditions. The beauty of the natural environment, the character and craft of indigenous buildings and the patterns of everyday life inspire my work.

My clients are central to the design process from first conversation to move-in. Step by step, their functional, budgetary and aesthetic priorities guide creation of the design solution. And in this way, their personalities find expression in the building that results from our collaboration.

In addition, simple, commonsense and affordable green building strategies are integral to my approach to architecture. I strive to design more sustainable buildings that;

•   are warm, personal and approachable,

•   are responsive to the natural and man-made context,

•   use regionally appropriate materials and building form,

•   utilize energy, water and material resources efficiently,

•   incorporate passive energy strategies,

•   and are sturdy enough to last for the next generation.

By satisfying the genuine needs of my clients and respecting the special character of place, I hope to create heartfelt, environmentally sensitive buildings that are at home in their landscape.

Feel free to take a look around and please get in touch if you need more information.